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Abhineetam Chaurasia


My poem that inspired this artwork:

Bonds in monotone sky grew old and wise

As the days passed it yawned thrice

First went unnoticed and was cast aside

Looking pale was not a way to hide

Memories exclaimed when peace came by

Tidal are emotions often said in sigh

Things turn bad is true indeed

But aren’t we all also trapped in greed?

With this second yawn undertook voyage

Crimson was blood moon grown in kage

Wars, chaos were taken aback

Into the horizon were all on track

Coloured were days with only red

Fathom this truth for it was witnessed

Soon dawned another turn

Humans are not alone in this galactic run

Hence came the final yawn

And all were left alone in  next dawn

Emotions ceased to exist anymore

Silence joined hands just like before

For every granule had parted ways

And left each other out of phase

Only things that were left in debris

Were bonds formed due to memories?